Ava the Adventurer

Meet Ava. She's a German Shorthaired Pointer with a fine liver-coat (we prefer to call it chocolate) and the sweetest disposition.

Every once in a while, you come across one of those truly adventurous spirits. Ava, with her sharp golden eyes and slim features, can fool you into thinking she is a regal princess. But take her to 1000 acres dog park in Troutdale, Oregon and you've unleashed a wild child. A running, dashing, sprinting, explorer. Her tail wagging and her tongue lolling from her mouth she is the essence of adventure. As a pure-bred GSP, she lives to run free. Because a pup that loves to run in the muck as much as Ava is bound to get pretty dirty.  Ava gets more baths than some people I know. And while she's not such a big fan of the water, at least her sensitive skin is soothed and healed with our all natural products. No dry and irritated coat for our lovely lady!

So if you're a local, keep an eye out for Ava. She loves to stop and say hello, although it probably won't be long before she runs off to explore something new!