The idea for Pop's has been with me for a long time. Ever since the sixties, when I was just a kid goofing off on the streets of Brooklyn. I've always loved animals. Pets were few and far between in the city, so each neighborhood dog made the borough brighter.

But it was far away from the big apple, in Eugene, Oregon, that I first experienced how a pet can change your life. Betsy, that beautiful mutt, was my buddy, my partner in crime, as I worked at the public radio station broadcasting classics like Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. She was by my side throughout my twenties, watching me learn about co-ops, organic food and living a holistic lifestyle. 

With my thirties and forties came parenthood and a job in the high-powered garment industry. But even amidst skyscrapers and suits, I never lost that soundtrack of soul. It was soon very clear that my heart wasn't in that type of work. I'm just a simple man who wants to do good for animals and the earth. 

My love for animals has followed me from the streets of Brooklyn to the Co-op's of Oregon and back again.  I want to make your pets lives healthier, more organic and safe.